Educate YOUR CHILDREN 2day for the JOB REALITIES of 2morrow!

ALERT to parents of high school/middle school kids:
The number of students majoring in another language are falling worldwide.  In the UK alone there has been a 50% reduction and consequently they are closing language programs in major universities (from 105 to 62… 50%) and they predict closing another 40% in the coming future.
This newspaper article from the UK Guardian newspaper details this problem with real facts:

What does that mean to us? OPPORTUNITY!
Multilingual people are going to be needed in the future job markets worldwide.  French & Arabic particularly and probably also the Asian languages, Korean, Chinese and Hebrew as well. Google is owned by Israeli citizens and it’s mostly jewish people working there. Nothing wrong with it, just saying – Google is everywhere so look at the opportunities our kids (American kids) are missing out on.
Some things we can’t catch up on, Indians & Asians have a lock on tech jobs but not language jobs. Diplomacy, working in embassies, foreign offices, CIA, NSA etc, they need more multilingual spies…lol! Journalism, international business & marketing (with an international language degree) this is where the jobs are and will be. We’re always behind the curve, now we have a heads up that’s not difficult to achieve. Kids that learn every Lil Wayne lyric can learn foreign languages, easily – Lil Wayne and his ilk SPEAK a foreign language in their music!
Suppose YOUR kids start learning 2 more languages NOW… and take a minute and think about your adult children sitting at home LATER (like some of your friend’s kids) doing nothing!
Make sure you enroll them in a language class when they go back to school this year!
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