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  1. August 9th, 2013 – My day is starting at 4:30am, this is the 1st day after the last day of Ramadan. Actually the last day of Ramadan for me (and the rest of the world) was yesterday. The last day of Ramadan for the majority of Senegalese is today. It’s a long story… they have a unique form of Islam here! No matter, I never take a day off so I’m at it again.

    I was just contacted by a film maker that wants to record our SenegalStyle African Drum School! The guys have been off for a month during the fast so his timing is PERFECT! They will be ready to get back to practice as soon as they finish the Eid/Korite’ feasting Monday. Here is a link to photos from our drumming:


    Our African Drum School is $1250 a month including accommodation and 4hours of lessons a day.
    We’re rated THE number 1 ‘Thing to Do’ in Senegal and have a track record going back to 2001. I am a Black American woman and started SenegalStyle Djembes back when I first moved to Senegal (1999). I was the first and probably ONLY American woman drum manufacturer on the continent of Africa (probably in the world) but for sure in Senegal.

    Doesn’t mean beans now though since Bush/Cheney destroyed the world economy and devalued the US dollar. Imports into the US got more expensive as exports from America (their goal) were made cheaper. People started losing jobs and sales went down. No matter how beautiful our drums are – you can’t eat them and starving artists need food!

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