My Favorite Links:

BoumBoum Drums in the UK – nice website, cool looking fonts, lots of video!  This is how I want my site to look when I grow up!

Amanda has been supporting SenegalStyle DJEMBES! for over 6/7 years and she never hesitates to selflessly help other drum companies and instructors in her region as well.  We’ve never met but I don’t hesitate to call her a friend and I wish her only success with her health and her drumming projects in Cornwall, UK.

Contact info:  Amanda Pickering is her name, is her email!  Tell her SenegalStyle sent you!


My next friend is new, but I’m grateful for him allowing a reciprocal link of our SeneglaStyle Budget B&B Hotel and Language Program, to his website.  Thank you Dave!

href=””>Dave’s Travel Corner</a>

The name of his site is Dave’s Travel Corner and he currently lives in the UK.  Over the past 16+ years his core focus has been promoting experiential travel; his readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel experiences across a variety of budgets.  He began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which he trekked near Everest Base Camp.  He began writing a journal while on the trip and it was the notes from this journal that became the foundation for Dave’s Travel Corner.


Tell him SenegalStyle sent you!

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hostel Database

Reviews and info on backpackers hostels worldwide.



Facebook Fan Page:

Take a look at our photos and friends and ‘like’ our page as well!

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – the internet’s LARGEST travel portal!  SenegalStyle has 3 TOP RATED properties on this site:

SenegalStyle AFRICAN DRUMMING! – listed as THE #1 THING TO DO in Senegal!

SengalStyle TOURS! – Budget priced local car & driver service!  Reviews make it #2

SenegalStyle Budget B&B & HomeStay GuestHouse – 63 Reviews 4.5 score, rated #4!

and other travel resources:

SenegalStyle Day Trippin’ – affordably priced day trips both inside and outside of Dakar!

Our bilingual (English, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic) and professional private tour guides accompany budget travelers to help plan a realistic and interesting itinerary, accompany you on all your travels and take the confusion out of arranging public transport, making your journeys more focused and efficient.


SenegalStyle Budget B&B Hostel, Language Program and GROUP ACCOMMODATION!

A NEW CONCEPT in STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS as well as an ECONOMY PRICED English Speaking Room Accommodation!  We also have an INTERNSTHIP & SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATION PROGRAM for international BUSINESS STUDENTS & ENTREPRENEURS & VOLUNTEERS as well as French/Arabic/Wolof language programs & African Drum School!


GoAbroad & the Internet’s LARGEST Study Abroad Site!

At ONLY $1250 A MONTH, our LANGUAGE PROGRAMS, INTERNSHIP & VOLUNTEER PLATFORMS and SMALL BUSINESS INCUBATOR are cheaper than a college course AND it’s in EXOTIC AFRICA!  Using any of our travel programs you can find your way around Senegal on the weekends and have a MEMORIABLE LEARNING & CULTURAL EXPERIENCE in Sunny Senegal!


SenegalStyle B&B GuestHouse and AIRPORT PICKUP SERVICE!

The ORIGINAL ‘STYLE’ in SenegalStyle Travel Services! 24/7 airport pickup service to ANY LOCATION in DAKAR!



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